This collection is based on the chromatic effect of real natural feathers, selected for their quality and sophistication. The treated and tinted feathers are placed by hand, one by one, in s symmetrical manner, between two acetate sheets. The colours combined with the natural patterns of the feathers, produce new materials, making each Été Lunettes frame unique and exclusive.


This collection has been obtained from a Plexiglass sheet, a highly transparent and crystalline acryl material, exalting even more the engraving effect achieved entirely by hand through the use of micro cutter without the help of any mould nor laser. The craftsman engraving exalts its art and know-how on each frame in a unique way as it was a work of art.


Été Lunettes makes use of all its experience in the eyewear world to design an all new trend collection: a selection of exclusive, limited edition frames crafted with luxury, never-seen-before materials, for a collection that is always on trend. Years of dedicated attention to beauty and taste serve to make up a new, contemporary collection that cannot help but stand out.


Été Lunettes rediscovers an ancient, precious, natural material : wood. This collection is crafted out of carefully selected, luxury wood varieties: frames are finely cut and assembled by the expert hands of an artisan, who employs all of his skills to transform thin sheets of wood into a precious, exclusive, natural frame. Wood is here presented in combination with metal and colorful acetates, creating a unique combination that is both chic and ecofriendly. The fine differences in warmth, color and porosity provided by each different piece of wood  highlight the beauty and uniqueness of the frames, turning them into exclusive, natural products.