Key Optical Europe is a young, dynamic, and modern company, the descendant of four generations of eyewear manufacturers. A tradition that began in France in 1924 with Gustave Rege-Turo, our Italian great grandfather, an artisan who hand crafted spectacles using horn and tortoise shell as base materials.

Up to this day, the fourth generation has preserved this passion for eyewear, replacing the horn and tortoise shell with cellulose acetate, a material with more stable properties derived from the cotton plant, thus lasting longer for the wearer and environmental friendly.  Passed down from father to son, each new generation’s talent, creativity and skills were enriched from past experience and tradition.

This heritage was passed down from Gustave Rege-Turo to Sabrina , who since 2002 guide the company with the same passion and enthusiasm. This enduring tradition and fascination where each frame is a unique work of art, expressing the creator’s own personality, is present to this day in the Eté  Lunettes collection.

The original idea behind the Eté Lunettes  collection, is to take a fashion accessory used in the clothing industry, feathers, and adapt it to the eye-glass industry, which has never been done before.

The technique is to laminate 2 sheets of acetate material, that could be of different colours, but mostly transparent on the top, and between them, feathers of different colours are put, which show through the transparent material. Each feather is placed one by one, to keep nice symmetrical effect on the front and on the temples.

Eté Lunettes, a style on its own, a way of being, art in eyewear is the ability to enhance the beauty and expression of a face using light and harmonious colours, forms and lines.

Discover how fascination and beauty can aspire from simplicity when seen from a new angle. The feather has always been an object of desire for the established designers, synonym of freedom and lightness, elegance and refinement, and a statement to the desires of the privileged women. This exuberant and innovative style, gives a woman charm, harmony an exclusive appeal, because each feather and each frame is unique and without equal.

The fashion icon, feathers, is the undiscussed protagonist of Eté Lunettes collection.