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The information on this site is provided in good faith and in the best possible way, Key Optical Europe S.r.l. believes it to be accurate and suitable for the purpose it aims at. In any case, anyone who intends to purchase products must not rely on this information but must further ascertain the actual nature of the products and their actual suitability for the use that they intend. Consequently, all information on this Site is provided without any implicit or explicit guarantee of any kind, such as the suitability of the materials and the quality of the products for a specific purpose. Under no circumstances can Key Optical Europe S.r.l. be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused by the use of this Site. The information contained in this Site may be technically inaccurate or vitiated by typographical errors. Information can be modified or updated without any warning. Key Optical Europe S.r.l. may also improve or change the products described in this Site without notice.


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